On the resolution calfskin table and crocodile leather strap

I believe many people in the first time with the unfamiliar businesses to buy replica rolex watches or strap, like the search on the crocodile skin and calf leather strap to learn about how to distinguish. Online experts on the paste and paste these techniques are not a few, as a junior, I no longer get out of the door. Talk about the background material of this set of maps, Crocodile skin specimen is the best crocodile skin material, is the use of the most first-class processing technology. More than that, for the left and right strap on the pattern, is also the most beautiful to choose the pattern to shoot Calfskin sample is the best calfskin material, the best processing technology to produce, then contrast in the end how? The figure for the crocodile skin, under the calf Some friends will say the table, why do not look great difference? But in other posts in the picture looks very different, and my picture is just a simple look crocodile leather strap seems more shiny, in addition to almost no difference, this is very simple, I use contrast Reference materials, are the best in the same version of the material. More net posts may be considered for fake rolex watches their own sake, will not choose a relatively fair comparison, but rather choose a good crocodile skin to compare a relatively poor calf, of course, this can quickly see the difference, But I personally think that is in fact a meaningless pseudo-proposition Alligator strap is a luxury watch belt. More emphasis on the appearance of elegant, and calf strap as a crocodile leather strap alternatives, in order to allow more people to use strap, calfskin strap suppliers, will try to make the calfskin look more like crocodile skin Strap, at least in the case of new products, more like. This is the crocodile skin and calfskin gap looks very small reason, But where is the gap? In short, the gap is only produced in the long-term wear, crocodile leather strap toughness stronger, and if it is high-quality alligator strap, wear for a long period of time, will not appear very old, And because of its cortical characteristics, in a period of time will be more with the brighter. However, calfskin strap, even the best, as long as a little wear for some time, it will look very old. ?? This is my personal business as a replica watches uk and a watch enthusiasts, the two most objective and sensory perception of the belt. This article is written here, if this article is helpful to you Welcome to my collection of sites,